W4HPT's DSTAR information page

W4HPT has established VHF and UHF D-Star repeaters in Hampton, VA. We welcome all licensed amateur radio operators to use the W4HPT D-STAR System whether you're a local user, passing through the area, or linking to us through the Internet. The information that follows will help you set up various radios to use this exciting service and capability. You will also find many links that lead to information you should become familiar with while using D-Star.

W4HPT B UHF and C VHF Repeaters:

Our frequencies are:

Band Frequency (MHz) Offset (MHz) Tone
VHF 145.2000 -0.600 None
UHF 444.2125 +5.000 None

W4HPT Gateway Registration:

If you wish to use the W4HPT gateway to make contacts beyond the W4HPT D-STAR repeaters, Please register at: W4HPT Registration Page It may take up to 24 hours for your regsitration to be approved.

Note that the W4HPT repeater and gateway are shared resources and that registered gateway users agree to give priority to emergency communications per FCC Part 97.101(e), and to observe a 15 minute limit per QSO contact.

Gateway users should be mindful of:

See: ARRL.ORG for information on FCC Part 97.

International third party (non-ham) communications are not allowed. Contact W3AF if you wish to use the repeater for third party events such as JOTA (Jamboree On The Air).

Operational Aids:

These sites list real-time information about DSTAR activity.

DSTAR Reflectors and Links:

Reflectors are like phone conference bridges. They allow more than one DSTAR repeaters to link together and allow all linked repeaters to hear the person talking.

You can also link two DSTAR repeaters together, and disconnect them at your leisure. When you link the repeaters and make a call with UR=CQCQCQ, RPT1=W4HPT B and RPT2=W4HPT G, persons on both repeaters can hear your conversation.

Gateway Voice Status Messages:

Here is a list of DSTAR Gateway Voice Status messages.

  • "Remote System Is Currently Busy" - Normal: You attempted a "L" command to link to a remote repeater and the remote repeater is already linked or is having issues establishing a new link. Abnormal: You attempted a "L" command to link to a repeater and your local gateway is not synchronized. Check W4HPT Gateway Status for the latest reported status.
  • "Not Currently Linked" - Normal: The repeater was unlinked, and you used an "I" command to inquire or you attempted a "U" to unlink it. Abnormal: The abnormal condition has not yet encountered and documented.


Icom's newest UHF only handheld radio, the ID-31A, can be bought for less than $300.00 (US). There are a number of web pages that provide information and support for the ID-31A. Some of them are:


The ID-51A is Icom's newest VHF/UHF dual-band handheld D-Star radio. Its price is less than $500.00 (US). There are a number of web pages that provide information and support for the ID-51A too. Some of them are:


How to set up the ID-51A or ID-51A settings to enable DPRS position reporting.

  • GPS > GPS Set > GPS Select > Internal GPS (If you want to turn on and use the built-in GPS)
  • GPS > GPS TX Mode > GPS-A (DV-A)
  • GPS > Auto TX > 1 min (if you want to automatically report your position every minute)
  • Make sure your DSTAR repeater gateway is specified in the RPT2 field
  • SSID -7 is recommended for the ID-31A. APRS SSIDs.

ID-31A/ID-51A Repeater List Update:

The ID-31A or 51A contains an internal repeater directory feature. Occassionally, it will need to be updated. For information about doing this please follow the link below.


Many thanks to Ron Hashiro, KH6KHP, for assembling much of the content on this page. You can find the original content at D-Star Repeater and Gateway Overview page. This page was duplicated here with permission.