Welcome to the HPT Library

This page is where you can find any files, publications, lists, products, pamphlets, and photos that are used by or are about out team. If you want to add something please send it to the Web Master.


1) HPT Volunteer Information Form: Click this to get it.

2) Hampton Disaster Reporting Form - 2017-1 (Print and Write): Click this to get it.

3) Hampton Disaster Reporting Form - 2017-2 (Fillable PDF): Click this to get it.

4) Bravo Reporting Aid Sheet (Wind Speed Estimates): Click this to get it.


1) Local Repeater Frequencies: Click this to get the list.

Hand-outs / Brochures / Flyers

1) CERT Class Modules, Starting March 3rd, 2016: Click this to get it.

Photos Pages

1) To see HPT's Emergency Communications Trailer click this.