Who We Are - Details

While HPT is focused on supporting the City of Hampton emergency communications, membership is open to Amateur Radio operators from all locations. HPT is a group of approximately 100 Amateur Radio operators or HAMs who offer our personal equipment, vehicles, training, and communications expertise in two key ways. First, we initiate local emergency radio nets during times of severe weather - hurricanes, tornados, nor-easters, heavy snow, ice storms, et cetera. During emergency conditions we support Hampton's emergency operations by working in disaster support facilities for fire and police as well as with non-governmental disaster relief organizations. We also help during community events by assisting with race coordination, parking cars at events, or marshaling parades to name a few.

The HPT also functions as the inactivated RACES organization for the City of Hampton. Per CFR 47 Part 97.401-407, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) exists when activated by the local civil defense organization. For the City of Hampton, the Emergency Management Office is the civil defense organization vested with that authority. HPT keeps our RACES capability organized.

Recently we assisted with emergency communications during Hurricane Irene and manned city and disaster support facilities to ensure backup radio communications were always available. We also helped with the "Freedom Walk" on September 11, 2011 by directing cars in parking lots for the attendees, coordinating event activities, and providing medical emergency and situational awareness monitoring for event management.